Last week I recieved my package from Selvsiddendebher, which sells stay up bras and other usefull accessories. The things I recieved was their luxury stay up bra, some nipple covers and a package of depil pads.
I would like to note that there's free delivery to Denmark and you can get 10% off right now! 

I've wanted a stay up bra for a long time, but have never had the courage to click one home from Ebay, as other sites sell them way to expensive for something you stick on your boobs, but because Selvsiddendebher is the cheapest place online to buy stay up bras in Denmark, this was the place to go for me. 
I ordered a medium, but it's like the bra doesn't fit me. It opens in the end and just doesn't clinges to me the way I want it to, but maybe that's just personal preference. I've never tried a stay up bra before, so I'm not really sure if I just has to get used to it or if it's wrong. I guess time will se.

The nipple covers and depil pads I'm very fond of though! I was told the depil pads would work, and they did indeed. It is like sandpaper where you grind the hair of the legs, which creates a white powder like substance on your legs, so I'd recommend showering afterwards. It takes a little longer than shaving, but I actually likes this method better, and my hair didn't grow out untill at least 48 hours after, and your legs are so so soft. I would definitely buy this product again in the future.
The nipple covers took me by surprise, but they work and they doesn't show. And it's the most important thing

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  1. I usually get mine from target and they are the plain silicone backless bra style. I love them!


  2. These all look wonderful! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. De ser virkelig lækre ud :D
    Det er så vigtigt at sådan nogle ting er gode sidder behageligt ;)


  4. I have one of those but i was expensive, i wish that store send their products to the US

    The Color Palette


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