What camera do you use?
Not the most fancy one - In the moment I'm actually using my cellphone, Sony Xperia Z3, that works just fine when the lighting is right (but never is)

What dye do you use?
I made a post about my lilac hair not long ago, answering all the questions regarding my hair colour - check it out here

 Who is your camera man?
Everyone that wants to

How did you colour your hair?
A question that will be answered in a post later on. The link will be here

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Probably one of the hardest questions I've ever been and ever will be asked, because actually I don't know. I really want to work i the fashion industry, be a published author, a graphic designer, a pastry chef or the number one dream; so big a blogger that I can live from it

Who designed your blog?
The template of the blog is called 'Eclair' and can be downloaded here, but everything besides the template, such as the header and photos, and dealing with the different html-codes was all me

What is your biggest tips for a new blogger?
As I still consider myself a new blogger, I can only pass along things that I've learned myself. 1 - Think about creating great content, before starting to gain followers. People would want something to read before following your blog. 2 - Start of with a simple design without a lot of colours. Your design will not stand out in the beginning, but it makes it much easier for you to change things in the design without your followers feeling like they just clicked on a different blog this time. 3 - When you have the hang of the content, make yourself visible. I try to comment on at least 10-20 blog posts a day. Just try to comment on blogs that writes about the same as you and only comment on a post, if you have something to say. Don't comment just to comment

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