I love blogging. I love what I do, and I love getting response to what I do. Every single comment expressing your individual likes and dislikes means the world to me, and I believe that most bloggers out there feel the same way. For me, the number and value of the comments are just as important as seeing your followers growing, because the comment's section really is what has made me more concious of what you want to read more of and what wasn't such a hit. The bottom line is that comments has made me a better and happier blogger.

When I'm searching around blogs, it happens that I see posts that have more than 100 comments, but it's a rare sight. Normally the comment rate I see, is around the 20 and a lot of you might think '20, that's a fine deal of comments', but a lot of the times the blogs that get the 20 comments has around 1000 followers, so actually it's only an average of 2% af their followers that comments on their posts. That's not a lot, thinking that these blogs could have 500-1000 pageviews a day!

Let's say a blog with a 1000 followers in average has half of their following check out every post and only 2% of them decides to comment, it would give you 10 comments on each post. That's not a lot from such a big following. So how come your followers doesn't comment more on your posts?

I have found that it's because you don't engage enough with your followers and doesn't do much reaching out on other peoples blogs. Take a look at yourself; How likely are you to comment on your fellow bloggers' posts? I know a lot of people who reads every post on their favorite blogs, but still never leaves that one comment that could make their favorite bloggers day, by telling them just how much they like the blog. I incurage you to write a comment on each of your favorite blogs every time they post something new in a couple of weeks and both your own comment and visitor counter will go up.

But of course this isn't all about just getting comments. It's about those comments that has thought put into them and the reader took time to write. Those comments that really matter, as spam comments doesn't really do much.

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By using the tips in the bottom of the post my comment rate has increased, and some days when I put in an extra effort is even see my following increase. And who wouldn't like that?

The post that I've gotten the most comments, excluding my own is my bucket list post, where I got a whooping 140 comments. That's a lot! Considering that I've had 400 views on that post so far, 35% of them wrote a comment. Compared to my second most commented post where I got 110 comments, 31% of all visitors commented, which is still pretty good.
It's not that these two post are super wellwritten or gives a lot of useful information, but because I followed the tips at the bottom of this post and wrote a lot of comments on others blogs in the time where these posts got posted, it gave others the courage to comment.

If you were like me, and felt like writing to followers that didn't responded, I would highly recommend reading on and try for yourself. The community of commenting will only get better if you start yourself. So what are you waiting for?


1 | I try to comment on at least 30 blogs a day, to make sure my blog is visible to others that might not would have found it on their own, ´cause let's face it; there's a million blogs out there. I see my own comment counter going up when I comment on other posts, as well as my visitors rate. 

2 | I recommend starting commenting on blogs that has been linked in the comment form of your favorite blogs. That way you will find bloggers that like the same blogs as you do and maybe also find someone you want to follow

3 | I have found both my comment and follower rate going up when commenting on blogs that isn't from my own country, but from other countries around the would. For instance I like the comment on blogs in Europe as I'm from Europe my self, and there are also a lot of Russian blogs out there

4 | The more meaningful and long your comment is, the more likely is the blogs owner and visitors at that blog to click on the link to your blog. It's not a scientific fact, but I have noticed this over the last couple of months and I'm sure that this is right. So make sure you make those comments long and meaningful - Those are the best comments a blogger can recieve!

5 | Ask a question in the bottom of your post. It will make more people comment on your post, as they are more likely to answer if you are asking them a question rather than just telling a story.

6 | Not post every day. If you post a new post every single day, your followers and visitors won't have time to see it all, as they probably doesn't visit you blog every day. If you only post every second or third day, you will give your followers time to see all your posts and are more likely to comment on your posts.

7 | Highlight the positives! I know from myself that I'm much more likely to check out the linked blog under a positive comment rather than a negative one, and I think everybody is like that. If you insists on telling the blogger what they did wrong in your opinion, please do it considering there's another human being that has to read it


  1. Great tips. Me too, I really appreciate it more, if the commenters, comment about the topic, and longer comments...

  2. I dont really mind the number of comments, as long as they mean something and arent generic like "nice post" and what not. Those I exclude without thinking twice :P
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I totally agree with all of these! Commenting around is one of the best ways to both find new blogs and interact!
    xx, Pia


  4. Thanks for the tips. For me the number is not so important, I just blog because I like it, but of course it is nice to get feedback on your posts. Anyways thanks for the tip, they are super useful :D
    Xx Blue Ducklings


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