Been a little beside myself the past time. I got a lot going on, and I'll admit that life isn't full of fun at the moment. I normally doesn't like to talk about myself, and rarely does it on the blog, but juggling with something looking like a depression, a sick boyfriend, a granny with lung cancer and a braindamaged best friend, it takes it's toll on me, and therefor the blog too. 

I don't wanna go into detail, as it always makes me cry, but dealing with all of this has gotten me real tired and makes me sleep about 15 hours a day - sadly which gives me very little time and energy left to blog. So if the blog is quiet for a small period, it's not because I've stopped blogging or lost interest in it, I just don't have the energy. 
I deeply hope that you'll still follow along, though this period of sadness has hit me. 


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