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I've spend a lot of time practicing pattern making in Illustrator and I actually think I've managed to make one that is infinite. This pattern is the first one I'm actually proud of, therefor I'm gonna share it with you guys on this lovely sunday.

The swatch package, besides the premade swatches from Illustrator, contains The Girly Blogger print in both black and pink, both with transparent background, so you can pair it with any background color, even other prints.
The jpeg-files are just photos of the prints on white background, so that if you don't have Adobes programs where the swatch package can be used, but still want to use the print as a background for your blog or anything else, you still can.

As long as you remember to credit me, if you upload this anywhere, it's 100 % free to use.
All future free downloadable items can be found under Free download at the top of the page, to make it easier for you. Anyway; I really wanna know what you think about it! 


  1. How kind of you! Thanks for sharing this with us. Thanks for the visit too.

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