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This past 6 months I've had the pleasure of getting to know and try a lot of Adobes programs first hand. And it has really opened my eye on how useful these programs can be to a blogger, as they can be used to create almost all different kinds of blog promotions and graphics for your blog, like business cards, logos and collages among others. 

Some of Adobes most useful programs are Photoshop and Illustartor, both great for editing your photos though you can do so much more additional things in Photoshop than just photo editing, Illustrator, which are great for designing logos and lastly Indesign, great for everything flyer, business card and poster like. And I have to say that Indesign is by far my favorite program to use. 

I highly recommend learning Indesign, and it should be fairly easy with all the guides out there to get a basic understanding of the tools within the program. At first it can seem quite scary as there is a lot of different options, but you'll quickly get the hang of it, if you put in the necessary time. I know that after I've learned the program, it will be used much more as a blogging tool for me, when I get it on my own computer.

Both photos in this article, is examples of what you can make with Indesign and it's many features. A lot of web magazines and ebooks are made in Indesign, as it's the perfect tool for that. I myself plan on making an ebook for you guys some time! Some business cards, an email head, a new logo and some graphics for my blog will also be on the program for future making.

So do I think Indesign is a useful tool for bloggers? Indeed. I can see so many things getting done prettier and easier in Indesign, to make your blog more appealing. Also you would save on ton of money, from not getting those things made by a graphic designer (though I would love to make it for you, for a small fee).
Would you use Indesign for your blog? 

Editorial design by Tony Ziebetzki

10 blogging things you can use Indesign to create

- Business Cards
- Letter/email heads and envelopes
- Resumes/Portfolios
- Banners 
- Work sheets
- Blog post graphics
- Ebooks
- Photo collages
- Social media graphics
- Printables

If anyone have the desire to learn more about Indesign than those basic guides out there, I would love to put together some guides for designing some of the above or anything else for that matter. 
Also I've considered making business cards, resumes and stuff like that as free templates for those already owning Indesign or creating costumized ones for those interested. Would anyone be interested in either of these suggestions? 


  1. That would be so cool to have!! I would totally consider getting it:))


  2. I'd love to learn how to use it, especially since blogging is becoming more and more professional these days and we have to find ways to distinguish ourselves
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  3. It is surely a great idea to have all Adobe package, I wish it was a bit cheaper tho :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. It could be a great idea. I need to learn how use it!



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